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Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained by the classic method of cold squeezing. Every drop of oil for us is precious, contains in it a world of unique and inimitable knowledge, and flavours.
The right choice of harvesting time and the use of the traditional cold squeezing method through mechanical processes, the optimal olive health, the processing, the bottling and packaging of the product make our extra virgin olive oil boasting valuable chemical and organoleptic qualities.
The flavours and the wisdom of the experience are mixed together for obtaining a superior category oil, from the precious olives of the cultivar “Coratina”.

Our qualities

“La Coratina” and our Intense Oil

Among the most appreciated for quality and organoleptic-nutritional properties of the oil produced, the “Coratina” cultivator holds the primacy for the present amount of polyphenols, powerful antioxidant substances that prevent the onset of diseases of the cardiovascular system and delay cellular ageing. The oil is also characterised by a low level of free acidity and a high vitamin content (especially vitamins A and E), all of which make it a product of high quality and undisputed nutritional properties, thus becoming a fundamental ingredient of proper and healthy nutrition. This is the recipe for the production of our Intense quality oil, with a strong and intense fruity flavour, slightly spicy and bitter, pinching in the throat for its low acidity, suitable for the palate of true connoisseurs. It lends itself to being tasted raw, in the preparation of soups, first courses also structured, meat dishes, but also cooked vegetables, marinade and legumes.

Our Oil ‘Delicato’

In addition, in order to satisfy the different tastes of our customers and to offer greater possibilities for matching foods, we have expanded our range by introducing a more delicate and fruity oil, suitable for dishes such as fish and salads and more appreciated by the palates of our kids at home. For this purpose, our ‘Delicate’ oil is produced, which is also 100% produced by the Apulian varieties (omliarola and peranzana), which preserve the organoleptic and quality peculiarities. To confirm the quality of our company every year, chemical analyses are published on this site for the benefit of our customers.

Francia Oil ‘Delicato’ Analyses 2016
Francia Oil ‘Intenso’ Analyses 2016